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一带一路PH传感器BH-485-pH Digital Online pH Electrode
  • 品牌:博取仪器
  • 价格: ¥无
  • 发布日期: 2018-07-17
  • 更新日期: 2024-05-29
分辨率 0.01
重量 1
品牌 博取仪器
电源电压 220V
型号 BH-485-PH
测量范围 0-14pH
外形尺寸 1*1
测量精度 0.01

BH-485-pH Digital Online pH Electrode




    BH-485 Digital Online pH ElectrodeSeries of online pH electrode, adopt electrode measuring method, and realizes the automatic temperature compensation in the interior of the electrodes, Automatic identification of standard solution. Electrode adopt imported composite electrode, high precision, good stability,long lifetime, with rapid response, low maintenance cost, real-time online measurement characters etc.. The electrode using standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol, 24V DC power supply, four wire mode can very convenient access to sensor networks.一带一路PH传感器/数字传感器




·The characteristics of industrial sewage electrode, can work stably for a long timeDigital Online pH Electrode

·Built in temperature sensor, real-time temperature compensation

·RS485 signal output, strong anti-interference ability, the output range of up to 500m一带一路PH传感器/数字传感器

·Using the standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol

·The operation is simple, the electrode parameters can be achieved by remote settings, remote calibration of electrode

·24V DC power supply.


echnical specifications


Model BH-485-pHDigital Online pH Electrode

Parameter measurement pH、Temperature

Measure range pH:0.0~14.0


Accuracy pH:±0.1pH


Resolution pH:0.01pH


Power supply 12V or 24V DC

Power dissipation 1W

Communication mode RS485(Modbus RTU)

Cable length 5 meters,Digital Online pH Electrode

can be ODM depend on user’s requirements

Installation Sinking type, pipeline, circulation type etc.

Overall size 230mm×30mm

Housing material ABS一带一路PH传感器/数字传感器



Digital Online pH Electrode